Echo Correspondence

Kronesgasse 2A, 1190 Vienna
Sunday, 04.06. 16:00
Sunset Sentiments

A Gathering by PW-Magazine in Collaboration with Echo Correspondence and Independent Space Index

With contributions by:

Anna-Sophie Berger
Anna Rimmel & Lukas Gritzner
DJ Acid Bisque aka Albin Bergstörm
Selin Davasse
Steph Holl-Trieu

Food by Ifu Egbonu

Works on site by Anna Hostek, Luna Ghisetti, Sunny Pfalzer

A gloaming marks a transgression phase in which loaning, desire, but also eagerness to experiment blend into each other. Casual chatters expand to hourly conversations, new alliances appear out of a friendly hallo saying.

With June 4 PW-Magazine ignites a new series of summer gatherings assembling collaborators, adored artists, familiar and new faces to share their work, modes of thinking and company with our readers. What we are facing is a prolonged afternoon of readings, sound and performance melting into the twilight at our regular collaborator Echo Correspondence a unique artist residency and project space, which offers an open, garden-surrounded architecture.

Sunset Sentiments is also the closing event of this year’s Independent Space Index (starting on June 2) – one of our favorite initiatives in Vienna, which offers visibility to the local but foremost vibrant Project space scene.

Thus, feel invited with all our hearts to drop by, to listen, to talk, and of course, to toast with us – for the latter, we recommend arriving early.