Johnstrasse 25-27 R02/2, 1150 Vienna
02-04.06. 14:00-18:00
Geography of Ghosts
Wanda Spahl & Dominic Schwab

GEOGRAPHY OF GHOSTS is a collaboration between the social scientist Wanda Spahl and the architect Dominic Schwab. Based on five years of research on refugee health in Austria, the exhibition addresses the in/visibility of refugees in the healthcare system, societal discourse and public space. It inverts the intricate relationship between medical imaging techniques and “objective” representations of disease, by staging spatial aspects of health and illness. Interweaving the lucid, spectral and inconsistent materiality of 3D scanning technologies with spoken stories, political statements and conceptual thoughts, the exhibition unfolds a landscape of spatial narratives.

Friday, 02.06. 19:00
Opening: Geography of Ghosts

Exhibition opening with a nice bar outside.

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