Kaisermühlenstraße 14, 1220 Vienna
02-04.06. 14:00-18:00
Fake or real
Christiane Spatt, Greta Znojemsky

Nature has always been a popular subject. Experiences of nature were seen as a means of escaping everyday life, of finding oneself. That connects us, even today there is a longing for a healthier life. Longing for harmony, well-being, relaxation and beauty. The motif of nature is often seen romantically. Forests, meadows, mountains, moonrise and sunset are associated with the longing for intact nature. The climate crisis is shaking this longing for nature violently. Sometimes this quest bears strange fruit, faking something that isn’t there.

Friday, 02.06. 17:00
Opening: Fake or real

The opening of the exhibition "fake or real" with drinks and snacks.

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