Queer Museum Vienna

Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna
02-04.06. 14:00-18:00
History Hustory* / Museum of Self-Care
Aliza Orlan, krëlex zentre: Ruthia Jenrbekova & Maria Vilkovisky, Stela Roxana Pascal, Nika Pećarina, Nat Schastnev, curator: Livia Paldi

How to collect and present the ever evolving, transgressive, uncomfortable, and troubling? How to present the missing and the lost? Who has the power and who has the right? Who decides what is legitimate? To understand the in-flux nature of trans* histories, subjugation, the resistance to heteronormativity and patriarchal domination we look at ways to challenge the scarcity of materials account for trans* lives and experiences. The exhibition and the various events (workshops, performances) present micronarratives of trans* representation while embarking upon a creative campaign to shine a light on some of the complexities of trans* living and experience in the eastern and southern parts of Europe. In collaboration with the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art we are building a Trans*folk toy collection to expand trans*/queer representation through hybrid figuration and noise.

Friday, 02.06. 19:00
Opening History Hustory* / Museum of Self-Care with performances and a dragshow at the opening

Opening of the new exhibition of Queer Museum Vienna "History Hustory* / Museum of Self-Care", the exhibition will be upuntil 20th of August with many events, pls check out therefor our instagram or webpage.

Queer Museum Vienna is a space, hosted by Volkskundemuseum Wien at the moment, dedicated to queer art, history and culture.