Schüttelstrasse 77a, 1020 Vienna
02-04.06. 14:00-18:00
Paul Otis Wiesner: Polychromatic Needs

RUF is happy to present "Polychromatic Needs". Paul Otis Wiesner’s most recent pursuit in confronting systematization of the metaphysical realm through academical, corporate and cultural mainstream attitudes towards language and visualization. With his first solo exhibition in Austria, Wiesner (born 1994 in Wilhelmshaven) playfully offers simple color systems in painting, sculpture and installation to gain perspective on self-actualization, transcendence and cultural heritage.

Friday, 02.06. 14:00
Opening: Polychromatic Needs
Saturday, 03.06. 16:00
Listening Session with fragmented Readings

The artist and the curator play cassette tapes and read segments from reference literature.

RUF is an artist-run exhibition space, residence and studio project in the second district, founded earlier this year. It is nested between the Danube Canal and the Green Prater. The name RUF, short for "Recht und Falsch", reflects the space’s interests in a critical dialogue at the intersection of contemporary art, philosophy and politics. The space’s connection to the Swiss art scene is resembled in the exhibition program, creating an international exchange.