säulen der erinnerung / pillars of memory

Piazza am Yppenplatz, 1160 Vienna
02-04.06. 14:00-18:00

In March 2008, on the 70th day of remembrance of the destruction of Austria, the Grundstein association erected three advertising pillars on Yppenplatz, in Vienna’s Ottakring district, in the context of their engagement with the history of the Jewish Dichter family. The pillars show relevant art works. The project, which is “a sign of remembrance of all victims of National Socialism”, continues until today.

In the context of the Foto Wien 2023, with this year’s theme “Photography Lies”, Daniel Longo will present his work. His black-and- white photographs particularly stand out for their use of intense contrasts of light and dark.

The images of the series ENTER AS STRAYS from 2019 show details of street scenes. Simply looking at the photos, we cannot distinguish any indication of their background; realism and surrealism seem to blur into each other with the intensive contrasts and the lack of saturation. While we see realistic elements, we are unable to decide whether these places really exist like that. What we can do, however, is compare the photographs with our surroundings: Could the pictured people exist like this? Are there any parallels that might confirm the “reality” of these photographs? What are the differences that come into focus? Daniel Longo’s photographs in public space correspond to real space and alert us to our environment and to what happens around us. The “Pillars of Memory” are part of the exhibition “What Is Real What Is Not” in Kunsttankstelle Ottakring and Masc Foundation.

Saturday, 03.06. 16:00