Grüngasse 22, 1050 Vienna
02-04.06. 14:00-18:00
Performative Screenings #79: SOUND AND SILENCE
A series of sound sets by school for listening attentively

In a follow-up to The Unquestioned Answer* (a ritual focusing on the music production of women**, held twice at Independent Space Index with invited guests), school proposes three days of four hours of sound sets, delving deeper into the physicalness of listening to sounds and silence. *the second piece on CD2 of THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE, an album produced for Bell Labs by Laurie Spiegel in 1974.

**the asterisks include those who identify gender-diverse, female, trans. We keep the term "woman" referring to it historically.

school is a space and collective founded by Yasmina Haddad and Andrea Lumplecker in 2011. school’s main series PERFORMATIVE SCREENINGS focuses on the screening as a frame, and defines a specific realm within selected artistic positions that employ performative strategies and relate to (political) realities. OBJECTS FOR SETTINGS, a series of objects created in the context of school, are used to define certain features of a space, they may be presented as objects per se, or as devices for exhibition and performance scenarios. THE OBJECTIVE is an additional series that places that object at centre, where its condition – being part of the art world, or of a living reality? – might sometimes be unclear. Again, the aesthetic becomes a productive site of critical potential and triggers questions, discourse and change.