Size Matters

Margaretenstraße 110, 1050 Vienna
02-04.06. 14:00-18:00
Daniela Zeilinger & Kathrin Ganser: Uncertainity

Their joint exhibition project "Uncertainity" is about the the communication of the commonalities as well as the subtle nuances and differences in the contemplation of the common theme, which is found in the finding of the "indeterminate". The potential arbitrariness of the size of the photographic print thereby becomes a collaborator in eradicating certainties in reception. In Fluxus, in the fluidity of the present, as well as in the sometimes media-aesthetic absurdity, the two artists find a truth of their own that is constantly renegotiated and is open to discussion.

Friday, 02.06. 19:00
Opening Daniela Zeilinger & Kathrin Ganser: Uncertainity

SIZE MATTERS is a 12m² exhibition space, where artists are always shown in plural, at least two. Positions from visual art and film are exhibited, which can enter into dialogue in terms of content and space. Thus, it is not only an exhibition space with a concrete focus but also a place for contextualizations and transformations of artistic positions.